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People of Action

Rotary E-Club Cluj Napoca 2020 provides the online context through which club members can share ideas and join community leaders. Our members pour their passion, integrity and intelligence into projects that have a lasting impact.

Who we are

“This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it. The story of Rotary will have to be written again and again.”– Paul Harris, The Rotarian Age, circa 1935. His affirmation transcended generations and proves to be nowadays more accurate than ever.

The world today is not the same as it was when Rotary began in 1905. Demographics have shifted, the pace of change has accelerated, and technology has created new connections and service opportunities.

To continue thriving in the years ahead, Rotary must evolve and keep pace with the new digital revolution and the radical changes ahead of us.
Rotary E-Club Cluj-Napoca 2020 was born out of a desire to honour Rotary’s past while, at the same time, embracing the future.

Our roots are deeply grounded in Rotary values: fellowship, integrity, diversity, service, and leadership. We believe that the true beauty of being a Rotarian consists of the friendships that we build with each other, spanning over decades, cultures, and continents—all while changing lives around us for the better.

People of Action

We are also People of Action and as People of Action, we continuously seek new ways to translate our expertise into making a difference, within ourselves, our communities, and across the globe. We envision a Rotary E-Club that is more inclusive and open to new members and new ideas, one that is more adept at using partnerships, digital tools, and other resources to bring people together. We want to benefit from the technology and the network effects and expand our reach to grow our capacity to make an impact.


Our mission is to be recognized as a service club that supports youth and new talents. We are also committed to our purpose of building a culture of innovation and willingness to continuously reinvent ourselves to be able to address the changing needs of our community better. Whether these translate into:

  • contributing to the next digital alphabetization,
  • supporting education through vocational training and scholarships,
  • empowering creativity & innovation,
  • being part of the economic and community development or consolidating a new online community that transcends borders and cultures.

Transforming the local community

Our motto, “Service Above Self,” exemplifies the humanitarian spirit of the 1.2 million Rotarians around the world. Our efforts are directed towards the following areas of interest:


Education and literacy


Economic and community development


Disease prevention and treatment

Active members

We all have different stories about what brought us to Rotary, and what keeps us in Rotary. But we share a common bond:

“Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and ourselves.”

Individually and collectively, we are People of Action.



Street Iașilor 20,
Cluj-Napoca 400146

Meeting point

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cluj – City Plaza
Strada Sindicatelor 9-13, Cluj-Napoca 400029


Get in touch

You can join Rotary’s People of Action or explore the many opportunities we have for everyone – regardless of age or interest. Contact us to find out how you can get involved in our initiatives.

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